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Abstract Acrylics:

Learn how to create a bold, statement piece. You will use a sketchbook to document your process and ideas. Then on Canvas create your abstract masterpiece using different mark making techniques and brush strokes.

Ceramic Classes:

Learn how to handbuild with clay. Learn the firing process and glaze your pieces. This class is very magical as the firing process is extremely exciting. Pinch pots, coil Pots, Slab building and press moulding are all techniques you will learn.

Mosaic Classes:

Learn the basics. Make a beautiful mosaic mirror, using broken crockery, shells and tiles as well as glass nuggets.

Very relaxing and mindfull class.

3D Fine Art:

Learn about other artists, use a sketchbook to jot down your ideas. Learn and use a wide range of different materials.  1 to 1 coaching. Create an amazing small or large 3D sculpture.


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